Are you tired of Josh Hoffman AKA "Kero The Wolf"?

Do you wish to see him drop fucking dead to the floor with a bullet or knife right up his motherfucking faggot skull?

Good. Because if you're a zoophile or one of Kero's cock-sucking fans, then get the fuck out and go jump off a fucking bridge already. We don't need you here.

Anyways, I am using this little site in order to serve one purpose: To get Kero The fucking Zoophile killed.

Don't even cry about my mental health. I'm tired of letting this zoophile son of a bitch breathe, and I want to see the day where he's finally dead.

I'm not only doing this shit for the sake of me, and the internet. I'm doing this for Koda, the dog who got raped to death by Kero The Scumfucker.

I am looking for anyone who will give Kero what he fucking deserves. I will not let a dog fucker like Kero run away like a ugly sack of shit.

Make sure that he drops fucking dead. I want to see him die painfully.

Sincerely, 265Kid.